We are thrilled to announce that Artemis has won the 2020 AgTech Implementation of the Year award as part of this year’s AgTech Breakthrough awards.

Artemis was selected from over 1,750 nominations from all over the world and is in great company – some of the winners from other categories include John Deere, Ninjacart, Full Harvest, Semios, Apeel, Pivot Bio and an impressive list of top companies and startups in the AgTech industry.

AgTech Breakthrough specializes in conducting market research in today’s most competitive technology sectors and identifies the leading companies in these sectors annually with its award programs.

“Implementing software on the farm is no easy feat and growers are often left to face this challenge alone,” said Allison Kopf, Founder and CEO of Artemis. “At Artemis, we do things differently. We work tirelessly to ensure all of our customers are successful at implementing our software and are supported every step of the way.”

We’re proud of how closely we work with our growers and how we’ve innovated over the past few months to account for remote trainings. Since COVID-19 began, highlights include:

  • rolling out entirely new features, such as Stages & Resources, Un-starting Batches, New Advanced Reporting, New Settings (announcement coming soon) and a number of smaller featurettes,
  • running remote trainings for all new features,
  • initiating the onboarding of 20 new customers and completing another 16 onboardings (series of trainings and account set up held over 8 weeks),
  • holding over 600 client trainings,
  • going live with a 10-acre herb farm that distributes product to 10 western states,
  • going live with a client who required 100% of their trainings in Spanish,
  • going live with a Canadian cannabis grower who uses Artemis for their Health Canada requirements,
  • helping a Canadian vine crop grower pass their Canada GAP audit with flying colors with all preparation done remotely,
  • launching our METRC integration in two new states, with two more in the pipeline to bring online in the near future.

If you want to learn more about our platform and our award winning customer implementation, reach out to sales@artemisag.com and one of our reps will get in touch!