We are so thrilled to announce today that Artemis has been acquired by iUNU! We are incredibly excited about the synergies between our products, our teams, our values, and our combined value proposition to growers.

iUNU (pronounced “you-knew”) is the leading artificial intelligence company serving the indoor agriculture industry. iUNU’s autonomous cameras and sensors are constantly collecting data across large scale greenhouse operations and can pinpoint small changes in production and recommend specific actions before a grower even knows there’s an issue.

Artemis’ cultivation software, combined with iUNU’s AI and computer vision platform, enable growers to develop a feedback loop between capturing data and adapting and managing their processes to create precise, predictable production. Our merger represents the first opportunity to access a completely AI-driven platform to manage all operations – including inventory tracking, production planning, yield forecasting, pest and disease management, food safety, and labor tracking.

I’ve known Adam, iUNU’s Founder and CEO for years. We first met at an industry event in Memphis where it was clear that our products were similar and also completely unique. Adam had approached some of the same problems we were tackling in a slightly different way – he focused on how to collect the uncollectable data. At Artemis, we focused on collecting the manual data. iUNU’s technology understands the plants better than any system we’ve ever seen and when we combine that with Artemis’ understanding of the work that happens on the farm, we get something truly magical.

To date, Artemis’ biggest roadblock has been collecting data that is difficult to collect. This makes it incredibly manual to do simple tasks, like moving plants from a germination room to production. Now, we envision a future where all of these tasks are automated and not just automated, but also optimized. This enables us to scale some amazing things, like the lending initiatives we’ve been working on over the past year.

One of the other incredibly impressive things about iUNU is how fast they’ve grown. In the past year alone, iUNU grew ARR (annual recurring revenue) 12x. They work with some of the largest greenhouse companies in the world and together, we cover millions of square feet of growing area. iUNU also recently announced its acquisition of CropWalk, who we’ve long admired for the work they do on the agronomy side of the business. To put it mildly, we are on a rocket ship.

As part of the acquisition, our entire team is heading to iUNU and we’re immediately getting to work on integrating our products, teams, and processes. To support our growth, we’re going to be hiring and continuing to seek out products and companies who are working on these big problems to partner with. To learn more about what we’re working on at iUNU, check out our website.