Crop Planning

Artemisis built for agriculture.

You need a system flexible enough for your terminology, your templates, and your timeline. Artemis automates your workflows and is designed for your operation, plain and simple.

Product Templates

Templates let you assign tasks, set alerts, and oversee product traceability across inventory, cultivation, packing, and shipping stages of your operation.

Visibility by stage of production

You need an up-to-date inventory count across every phase of production. Our stages allow you to create a linked cycle of all of your phases of growth, consume resources from inputs along the way, and visualize available inventory by phase.

Automate schedules

Save time planning production by automating all of your planting schedules. Whether you’re a 1,000 acre cucumber operation planning annual production once a year or a craft cannabis cultivator tweaking recipes weekly, Artemis makes the process of planning what needs to be done easier than ever.

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