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Feature Release: Get Growing Faster

We are always finding new ways to help our growers be more efficient throughout their production process. That’s why we’re excited to release our latest feature — Get Growing Faster! With this new feature, growers will be able to cut [...]

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Q&A: The Grove

In this article, Travis Merchant interviews Mike Howard, Director of Cultivation from The Grove, a vertically integrated cannabis company located in Las Vegas, Nevada about his industry journey and what he’s working on with his cultivation team.  Travis: Hi Mike, [...]

Artemis wins Agtech Breakthrough Award

We are thrilled to announce that Artemis has won the 2020 AgTech Implementation of the Year award as part of this year’s AgTech Breakthrough awards. Artemis was selected from over 1,750 nominations from all over the world and is in [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Nathalia Delima

This week for our employee spotlight series we talked with Nathalia Delima, our Marketing and Events Associate at Artemis. Nathalia works with different departments in the company to make sure that she creates and delivers the right content for our [...]

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Las Capacitaciones Remotas Impulsan el Éxito del Servicio al Cliente

Cuando comenzó COVID-19, asumimos el compromiso con nuestros clientes de que su nivel de soporte no cambiaría independientemente de la pandemia. Estamos orgullosos de haber podido seguir ofreciendo a nuestros clientes el más alto nivel de asistencia durante la pandemia [...]

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Featurette Release: New and Improved Settings Page

We are excited to announce the release of our redesigned settings page that gives our customers complete control over their facility settings and improves user permission access. With this redesign, we focused on writing the code in a way that [...]

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Remote Trainings Fuel Customer Success

When COVID-19 began, we made the commitment to our customers that their level of support would not change regardless of the pandemic. We’re proud that we’ve been able to continue offering our customers the highest level of support throughout the [...]

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Cinco formas de utilizar nuestra nueva función avanzada de informes

Sabemos que las cosas no son fáciles en este momento para nadie. A medida que luchamos por superar los próximos días, semanas y meses juntos, en Artemis prometemos hacer lo que podemos controlar: podemos seguir construyendo herramientas útiles para usted [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Vincent Bilbeissi

This week for our employee spotlight series we talked with Vincent Bilbeissi, a Senior Data Science Engineer at Artemis. Vincent works closely with the Engineering team and the Sales team by building data pipelines and data related features in our [...]

Seamless Contract Grower Management

Almost all of the growers we work with in LATAM have some contract growing components to their business. Just the other day, we were working with two growers, one in Honduras and one in Uruguay, who had both selected some [...]

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Gestión sin contratiempos de Producción bajo Contrato

Casi todos los productores con los que trabajamos en Latinoamérica tienen algún componente de producción bajo contrato para hacer crecer su negocio. Justo el otro día, estábamos trabajando con dos productores, uno en Honduras y otro en Uruguay, que habían [...]

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The Buyer Journey – What we do, why it matters and how it impacts you – Part 4

Companies today are facing increasingly difficult challenges, stiffer competition and more demanding customer needs in a way unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. As such, investing in, implementing, and relying on a solid sales process can be the difference between [...]