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Sales Operations and The Art of Baking

Sales Operations varies from company to company and industry to industry. However, in my experience, the two overarching themes that I've found regarding Sales Operations essentials are Sales process and analytics. An understanding of both has informed how I think [...]

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Is Your Farm Ready for Software? 5 Things You Should Assess First

Before investing in software for your operation, every grower needs to assess if their farm is ready to implement that software. It’s a doozy. There are so many moving parts of your business that affect your readiness. Why is it [...]

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How Do I Know If I’m Adopting the Right Technology For My Farm?

Despite the wide range of hardware and software solutions available to farmers across the agtech landscape, it’s important to remember that technology is no substitute for good management practices. Technology can also be very expensive and not very effective. However, [...]

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Artemis Calls for Improved Foodborne Illness Prevention and Supply Chain Traceability

Artemis, the leading enterprise Cultivation Management Platform (CMP), today called for improved foodborne illness prevention and urges increased adoption of compliance technology in the wake of the November 3 voluntary recall announcement for a series of vegetable products sold to select retailers in [...]

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Why Growers Around the World Run Their Businesses on Artemis

Artemis software is designed to help growers do the job they’re so good at, even better. It’s a platform designed to augment jobs, not replace them. It’s a tool designed to help cut costs, boost revenue and widen profit margins. [...]

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3 Tips For Keeping Your Cannabis Operation Compliant

Meeting regulatory compliance standards is only half the battle. Once your operation becomes compliant,  you also have to stay compliant.  You may have all your ducks in a row. You have a digitized record-keeping system, recall protocols, and seed-to-sale plant [...]

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Artemis is a California State-Approved Metrc Integrator

Artemis is proud to announce that we are now a state-approved integrator with Metrc in California.   What does this mean? Our customers can now use Artemis to manage their enterprise operations from seed-to-sale along with the California state-mandated Track-and-Trace System. [...]

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Advocating for Produce Farmers at the United Fresh Washington Conference

This week, along with hundreds of other members of the produce industry across the supply chain, Artemis was proud to take part in the United Fresh Washington Conference. The mission of the conference was to have participants meet with over [...]

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Win a Free Risk Assessment With Our Regulatory Compliance Specialist

We know regulatory compliance. We know it’s complicated, difficult, stressful and exhausting. We also know that it’s mandatory. Every grower understands that meeting regulatory compliance standards can make or break your business. It only takes one chaotic recall, one mismanaged audit, or [...]

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Why the State of Indoor Farming Report Became the Artemis Global Ag Report

Since the first release in 2016, our State of Indoor Farming Reports have provided people in agriculture with invaluable industry data on the challenges and opportunities facing greenhouse and indoor farming operations. But we don’t intend to stop there. What’s New? This [...]

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