Task Management

Labor planning and accountability are critical to any farm’s success

Whether you’re using defined calendars to organize work throughout the year or analyzing tasks on a daily basis, planning labor is one of the most important responsibilities for farm managers. Artemis is a best-in-class system designed to forecast labor needs, quickly assign work to employees, and help you manage tasks across the organization.

Digitize your standard operating procedures

Moving tasks to a digital interface reduces manual reporting inaccuracies, makes information shareable real-time, and most importantly, unlocks that data for usage in other areas of your operation. Imagine having clear visibility into when you might be at risk for a pest outbreak or when inventory levels change. This is reality when tasks are completed digitally.

Assign work to a person, people, or groups

Accountability is critical when it comes to workers. Whether you’re required to submit activity logs to state regulators, you’re hoping to achieve GAP compliance this year, or you just want to ensure workers are as productive as possible, Artemismakes it incredibly easy to assign work to individuals or groups.

Estimate labor hours needed and forecast future needs

Labor is one of your biggest expenses. Why guess at how many hours you will need in a given week? With Artemis‘ forecasting, you can see exactly how many tasks and labor hours are required at any time.

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