Why Artemis?


Every 5 minutes, a crop is planted using Artemis


Artemis supports the cultivations of 800+ crop varieties


Our customers bring in over $5 billion in revenue each year

We’re built for growers.

We build the tools and capabilities of our platform with one goal in mind: to help teams do the best job they can.

We support you every step of the way. Each customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager who can provide on-site installation, subsequent trainings and troubleshooting. Our CS Managers get to know your crops, your team and your operations so they can offer you product insights and guidance that is most relevant to your farms.

Deliberate, dynamic features

Our CMP is available in Spanish

The Artemis platform is built for global reach. Our customers span over 10 countries across four continents, and we’re just getting started.  We’re also available in French and Arabic


Artemis supports barcode login

Barcodes not only enable crop traceability, they save users time and hassle logging into our platform. It’s easy-to-use, for everyone on your team.  


A bird’s eye view of your multi-site operations

We know that tracking profit and productivity across multiple facilities and locations is a complicated process when you can’t compare them to each other. So we made it simple to switch views between your facilities. 


Dedicated onsite onboarding and support

Enterprise growers need enterprise support. We are with you every step of the way. Our Customer Success Managers will come on-site to train your team how to use Artemis. We also offer ongoing training and train-the-trainer programs for growers who are opening in multiple locations. We succeed if you succeed, so it’s in our DNA to ensure you’re happy with us as your partner. 

What Our Customers Say

“We were able to upgrade our production system because of Artemis.”

“Before we started using Artemis, we didn’t have a proper and continuous system for seeding, nursery movements and transplanting. As soon as we started using the Artemis, we introduced a systematic plan for our production process. Now all our workers understand the system and its rhythm. They know exactly what action needs to be taken and when.”

“Our owners want to know exactly how many kilograms of each and every crop variety are produced in each and every zone. After the introduction of CSV [data exporting], it became easy to pull that report in a matter of minutes.”

“We’re able to calculate the optimal number of grow plugs and seeds your facility should use during our production process.”

“One of the best Artemis features is production forecasting. I usually share it with our Sales department. It is very useful for planning future orders.”

“Artemis has been a great asset to our company.”

“I am spending more time with my crops, instead of working on the other tasks that come up when you run a greenhouse. That translates directly to better profits.”

“I predict I will cut 3-4% from my expenses this year as a result of using Artemis.”

“I was able to set up Metrics and Tasks to convert all of my Canada GAP paperwork drastically cutting my paperwork down.”

“I recommend Artemis to other growers. Artemis takes most aspects of growing a plant and combines all that information in one place. Using that data and information to make better growing decisions is very important for growers when profit margins are tight and mistake cost more than ever.”

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