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Market leading enterprise Cultivation Management Platform (CMP)

Our software enables growers to optimize their facilities for profitability. We help growers manage people, plants, process, and compliance all in one place.

Visibility and traceability along your supply chain

Our software provides a bird’s eye view of facility productivity and compliance, allowing growers to track all their operations and production data remotely (from a desktop, tablet or smart phone).

Mobile tracking, at your fingertips

Our companion mobile application is built for your workers. It’s critical workers are engaged in the data entry process every step of the way, and now it’s easier than ever to enter data no matter what your role is.

State of Indoor Farming 2020

Our most recent State of Indoor Farming 2020 is now available!


Built by growers, for growers.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) requires tracking product from seed through sale. For cultivators, this goes beyond required tracking for compliance. Our software is built for enterprise growers and enables you to manage workers, standard operating procedures, purchase orders, sales orders, plants, schedules, and so much more.

Fruits and Vegetables

In our low-margin industry, it’s more important than ever to build a business ready to compete. Managing your labor and crops is a critical component of managing costs. Digital doesn’t have to mean difficult. We’re here to make this switch simple. 


Digitized record-keeping and searchable activity logs streamline risk management, and our software is designed for you and your operation. As you think about scaling up, it’s going to become necessary to automate manual processes and the scheduling of both people and plants.  

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