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Market leading CMP for enterprise greenhouses, indoor and high tunnel farms

Our Cultivation Management Platform enables growers to optimize their facilities for profitability. We help growers dramatically reduce risk while leveraging data and insights to eliminate guesswork from their operations.

Seed-to-harvest visibility and traceability

Our software provides a bird’s eye view of facility productivity and compliance, allowing growers to track all their operations and production data remotely (from a desktop, tablet or smart phone).

Cross-platform integration, at your fingertips

Our state-of-the-art proprietary technology can integrate with all of your other systems (climate control, ERP, POS, and more). We’re the leading CMP for specialty crops including fruit, vegetables and hemp.


Built by growers, for growers.

Minimize risk.

Safeguard your business from fast-changing regulations and compliance laws.

  • Manage compliance Standard Operating Procedures seamlessly (GAP, HACCP, SQF, FSMA).
  • Streamline audits with all your permits, licenses, records and logs digitized and organized in one place.

Increase profit margins.

Full transparency across production enables growers to make profitable decisions in real-time.

  • Our software integrates with your existing climate system hardware and platforms across accounting, ERP and sales forecasting.
  • Turn actionable data points into profit, let your data insights cut costs and boost revenue.

Visualize your farm data.

Extract insights that help you accurately evaluate productivity across your facilities and recognize opportunities for optimization.

  • Build custom reports using your farm’s historical and current data points to forecast yield.
  • Track all modules of production—crop registry, labor, and compliance—and analyze them together.
  • Your farm data is valuable, and most importantly yours, we don’t share it with anyone.

Maximize productivity.

Track workflows and automate task management to tighten production and increase output.

  • Create, assign and manage daily and seasonal responsibilities for your facilities—from inventory, to sanitation, to pre-harvest tasks.
  • Automate schedules, calendars and tasks across multi-site operations.
  • Forecast labor resources accurately, manage workflow efficiently, ensure accountability.

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High Tunnel

See how automated growth cycles, production and scheduling helps teams manage seed-to-harvest tasks at hybrid operations. 



See how labor management and crop scheduling will optimize your greenhouse for profitability.



See how digitized compliance record-keeping and searchable logs can streamline risk management. 


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