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Guidance for getting through COVID-19

At Artemis, our mission is to build a more sustainable, traceable and profitable agriculture industry and we can’t do that without our community. It’s more important now than ever that we work together, as a community, to make it through Continue reading…

Our Why

Startups often miss the boat when it comes to setting a company vision. Founders are taught to pitch their company in the standard format: what’s the problem, what’s the solution, how are you solving it, why are you the right people to solve it?    Continue reading…

How to Keep Customers Happy

How do you keep customers happy? It’s an age-old question, and one that businesses continuously ask themselves, answer and ask again. Today, customers are spoiled for choice; advancing technologies have expanded marketplace offerings and  Continue reading…



Enterprise resource planning (ERP) requires tracking product from seed through sale. For cultivators, this goes beyond the required tracking for compliance. Our software is built for enterprise growers, and enables you to manage workers, standard operating procedures, purchase orders, sales orders, shipping manifests, plants, schedules, and so much more.

Fruits and Vegetables

In our low-margin industry, it’s more important than ever to build a business ready to compete. Managing your labor and crops is a critical component of managing costs. Digital doesn’t have to mean difficult. We’re here to make this switch simple.


Digitized record-keeping and searchable activity logs streamline risk management, and our software is designed for you and your operation. As you think about scaling up, it’s going to become necessary to automate manual processes and the scheduling of both people and plants.


Is your farm ready for software?

Before investing in software for your operation, every grower needs to assess if their farm is ready to implement that software. It’s a doozy. There are so many moving parts of your business that affect your readiness. Why is it important to consider all of them?  Continue reading…

How do I know if I’m adopting the right software?

Despite the wide range of hardware and software solutions available to farmers across the agtech landscape, it’s important to remember that technology is no substitute for good management practices. Technology can also be very expensive and not very effective.  Continue reading…

How Artemis helps this Agronomist cut costs

There’s a reason why Lanka Salad Company has used Artemis to manage their leafy greens cultivation for the past two years; their Production Manager and Agronomist, Sanjana Silva, has witnessed our CMP’s impact operations and production. Continue reading…


Launching Inventory Management

Artemis has always focused on building tools for your growing team. Early on, this meant focusing heavily on the plant only while it grows (from seed to harvest). Over the past few months and after countless conversations with our customers, we’ve been hard at work building tools that extend beyond harvest and begin prior to seed. We’re incredibly excited to launch our new Inventory Management and Post-Harvest functionality! Continue reading…

How to do a Key Person Audit

Reducing operational risk is critical for any business and it’s even more important now with risk at an all time high. One of the things we recommend doing immediately is a Key Person Audit. So who exactly is a Key Person and why do we need an audit? Continue reading…


How to Trouble Shoot Your Product Safety Plan

If you’re not prepared for a crisis, you automatically put all of your revenue and your resources at risk. There’s no question that identifying and resolving issues before they hurt your business is critical to keeping your head above water in the sea of regulatory compliance standards and product safety laws.. Continue reading…

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