Artemis has always focused on building tools for your growing team. Early on, this meant focusing heavily on the plant only while it grows (from seed to harvest). Over the past few months and after countless conversations with our customers, we’ve been hard at work building tools that extend beyond harvest and begin prior to seed. Today, we’re incredibly excited to launch our new Inventory Management and Post-Harvest functionality!


Inventory Management

Growers need the ability to track raw materials as they are consumed throughout the growing process. Most growers we work with passively track inventory on spreadsheets. This leads to over-purchasing items or worse, running out when you need items the most. Also, growers need to track when certain fertilizer, pesticides, or other applications are applied to crops for compliance and traceability. Now, you can do both right in Artemis. 



Traceability is at the heart of what we do. We are introducing a new concept of inputs and outputs that can be consumed or produced throughout your workflow. This enables you to track raw materials as they are consumed, deduct quantities from your inventory automatically, and provide visibility into what products are on hand at all times. 



In addition to managing materials inventory, we are also launching a new feature to help growers manage work-in-progress, called Stages. This allows you to flexibly control additional stages of your workflow to properly manage live inventory real-time. You can now add stages to your growth cycles, creating additional production visibility. 




Growers can now also track harvests through packing and shipping stages in Artemis. If you’re packing SKUs with multiple varieties, you can simply create package templates that consume the outputs (harvest) of batches. You can also add timelines and tasks, which can account for cooler times or inspection checklists for example. Our new post-harvest functionality also integrates with METRC and CCA for cannabis operators who want to create packages in Artemis and sync directly with your compliance system.  



We’re incredibly excited about all of this new functionality and would love to show you how it all works. By incorporating inventory management and post-harvest functionality into the platform, our growers can reduce risk even further, compete aggressively in a low-margin business, and continue to grow with certainty. If you’d like to set up a demo, you can reach out to our sales team at: