Artemis is a state-approved integrator with Metrc in California, Michigan, Missouri,Montana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, and Colorado. We are working hard with the Metrc team to add additional functionality on an ongoing basis and will share updates here.

With Artemis, growers can manage people, plants, process and compliance. We make it easy to record and analyze production and operational data along the supply chain, and our CMP software is built for the cultivator, not for regulators.

Whether you are growing recreational or medicinal product, we can help streamline your cannabis cultivation operations for fully traceable, compliant and profitable production.

What We Help Growers Do

  • Maintain seed-to-sale plant traceability.
  • Manage labor and tasks for your plants and your facility.
  • Ensure proof of meeting regulatory compliance standards.
  • Minimize manual and duplicate data entry.
  • Record Harvest Waste
  • Finish a Harvest
  • Create Packages
  • Create Testing Packages
  • Repack a Package
  • Create a Transfer Template
  • Delete a Transfer Template
  • Create Plantings
  • Change Growth Phase
  • Move Plant Batches
  • Move Plants
  • Destroy Immature Plants
  • Destroy Plants
  • Harvest Plants
  • Manicure Harvest


Metrc Requirements for California growers

CA State Track-and-Trace System

Artemis Announces State Approval

Book a demo with our team to learn more about state requirements and how Artemis can help your facility.

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