Artemis is proud to announce that we are now a state-approved integrator with Metrc in California.  

What does this mean? Our customers can now use Artemis to manage their enterprise operations from seed-to-sale along with the California state-mandated Track-and-Trace System. Linking plant and plant batch tracking from Artemis to Metrc means one seamless solution for cannabis cultivation. 

In other words, our Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to access and send information back and forth between Artemis and third-party systems — including seed-to-sale, ERP, climate control and CMP software. 

With Artemis, growers can manage people, plants, process and compliance. We make it easy to record and analyze data from along their supply chain and our CMP software is built for the cultivator, not for regulators. 

What exactly does this integration help you do? 

  • Maintain seed-to-sale plant traceability. 
  • Manage labor and tasks for your plants and your facility. 
  • Ensure proof of meeting regulatory compliance standards. 
  • Minimize manual and duplicate data entry.

The recent House passing of the SAFE Banking Act shines a bright light on the future of cannabis legalization on the federal level. However, California cannabis cultivators are still operating in an extremely complex and high-risk sector of the agriculture industry. 

This summer alone the California Water Boards have sent nearly 300 letters to growers in the state’s Emerald Triangle warning them to meet compliance or else face fines and revoked licenses. Growers in the region have been issued over 2,000 cultivation licenses, and all of them must meet the California Water Boards’ Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program — among other compliance requirements. 

In the coming months we will continue certifying integrations with Metrc across all states that have legalized recreational and medicinal cannabis cultivation Track-and-Trace Systems and we’ll continue to work with growers to make not just track-and-trace, but all compliance easier.  

Learn more about our Metrc Integration here.