Inventory Management

The heart of Artemisis inventory tracking.

Artemis provides a real-time view into your operation so you get accountability and accuracy when it comes to your plants from anywhere in the world.

Track batches throughout production

The core of Artemis is built around batch tracking. When crops are planted, all actions performed to this batch are tracked via a unique ID code.

Create or assign barcodes

You can always assign a barcode to batches by scanning the barcode. This is especially helpful if you’re using a state compliance system, like Metrc, which provides batch barcodes. If you’re not yet using a third-party system, or want to save costs by creating your own codes, you can create batch barcodes right in Artemis.

Real Time Inventory Visibility

Know exactly how much inventory you have from seed through packaging in real time. Give your purchasing team the data they need to know when to re-order. Give your sales team the tools to know what orders they can fulfill and when.

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