Reduce risk like never before.

Compliance is critical and often mandatory, but preparing for your audit still happens on paper forms in a dusty binder. We’re here to help you throw that binder away and make compliance reporting easier.

Metrc Integration

We are an integrator with Metrc in California, Montana, Maryland, Massachusetts,  Ohio, Oregon, and Colorado. Learn more

Missouri seed-to-sale

We were chosen as one of six companies to receive our seed-to-sale license in Missouri. Book a demo with our team to learn more about Missouri state requirements and how Artemis can help your facility.

Food Safety

“I was able to set up Metrics and Tasks to convert all of my Canada GAP paperwork drastically cutting my paperwork. I recommend Artemis to other growers. Artemis takes most aspects of growing a plant and combines all that information in one place. Using that data and information to make better growing decisions is very important for growers when profit margins are tight and mistake cost more than ever.” – Jeff Stigter, Jamco Growers and Red Hat Co-Operative

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