David RadzinskyWe’ve recently introduced our new blog series where we will highlight growers in the field and our solutions partners. Now we’d like to introduce you to the people who make up Team Artemis. This week we have David Radzinsky, our Enterprise Account Executive for LATAM answering a few questions about his time at Artemis.

Why did you join Artemis? 

David: I wanted to be part of this small, fast-growing company that was changing the agriculture industry and wanted to help impact the company’s expansion into Latin America and bring this amazing software to growers who need it most.

What were you doing before Artemis?

David: Before Artemis, I was involved in software sales in Latin America for over 10 years. I worked for a company where I would bring network and systems monitoring technology to the region.

What is your favorite memory here?

David: I have two favorite memories so far at Artemis that I’d like to share. The first was working alongside my team at the MJ Biz Conference in Las Vegas. Not only was it an incredible event to take part in (I learned a lot of great tips to bring back to my growers in Latam), but it was great to spend time with many of my colleagues. My second memory is the weekly All Hands Sales meeting with the team. I work remotely so it’s always nice that we get to interact on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

How long have you worked here?

David: I’ve been with the company now for 5 months.

What’s your favorite core value? 

David: We trust and respect each other. I think this core value is the foundation of having healthy human relationships. I’ve witnessed and seen top management live according to this value with all the stakeholders and because of that you see it implemented as part of the culture inside Artemis.

What’s been the weirdest adjustment from working wherever you were before to working here? 

David: The weirdest and greatest adjustment has been the change in company culture. At Artemis there is a lot of freedom and trust. Management empowers and supports employees to be successful.

What would you recommend for potential future Artemis employees? 

David: Work hard, not be afraid to share ideas, get involved and have fun.

How do you feel about remote work? 

David: Overall its been excellent. I enjoy the flexibility, not having to worry about the commute and traffic. It makes my day more efficient and I don’t get distracted by the small talk conversations that happen inside an office (sometimes I could be antisocial ). The nice part is that when I start feeling lonely or disconnected I always reach out to my teammates.

What are you most excited about for the Artemis future? 

David: The features we keep adding to the platform such as reporting are making it super robust. I’m excited about adding value with these new features to our international clients and expanding our customer based worldwide.

If you had $20 what would you do with it this weekend? 

David: Well, since THIS weekend is not like every other weekend, (Coronavirus is currently happening) I’d probably rent a movie. Any other weekend those $20 bucks would go to a good bottle of wine, a ticket to a live music show in town or I’d purchase an amazing dark chocolate bar.