The Greenhouse

We’re Proud to Announce Our Partnership with Scanit Technologies

Harmful pollutants in the air cause us to get sick. Pollutants impact plants too. And ultimately, when plants are unhealthy, people are affected. So managing healthy plants is key to managing healthy people. On November 28, 2018, 1428 units of [...]

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4 Ways to Design Useful and Usable AgTech

Agriculture itself was a product of humankind’s early technological innovation. Our ancestors invented tools and processes to grow food and mass produce it, essential for survival and building thriving civilizations. Now, centuries later, we are innovating methods to grow food [...]

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How the Farm Bill Impacts Greenhouse and Indoor Growers

When President Trump signed the Farm Bill last week, it was the first time that indoor farmers have been included in the act’s provisions since its birth in 1933. The Farm Bill, which will allocate $867 billion of federal money [...]

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Pouring Fuel on the Fire: Finding Your Product Market Fit

It’s no secret — finding product market fit is TOUGH for startups. You start by identifying a need, gathering feedback, testing, and iterating until you’ve commercialized your product to a point of wide adoption. We recently reached that point of [...]

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How We’re Redefining Work Management for Greenhouses

Technology is changing the way employers and employees interact in every industry. Now, this same technology is in the hands of farmers — and it’s changing the way operations are run. Labor is the largest single expenditure for greenhouse operators. [...]

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We’re Building a Digital Cooperative for Indoor Agriculture

Agricultural cooperatives exist to help farmers get access to cheaper services and equipment by pooling their resources and needs. Instead of purchasing an expensive piece of equipment to use seasonally, I can work with the three other farms in the [...]

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Why I Joined Agrilyst: Building Software to Feed the World

I recently became the longest tenured employee at Agrilyst (besides our indomitable Founder & CEO Allison Kopf!) and it had me thinking about my role at the company — why I originally wanted to work here and what I’ve enjoyed [...]

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Why I Joined Agrilyst: We‘re a Data Company That Believes in People

It was an easy decision for me to join the Agrilyst team earlier this year. I love my job. The product design work is challenging and indoor agriculture is an exciting industry. Just as important, I am happy because Agrilyst [...]

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Here’s Why Space Optimization is the Key to Higher Profit Margins

I was helping one of our customers, who operates a vertical farm in Indiana, set up his reports in Agrilyst last week. I assumed he’d be most excited about the various yield graphs and insights. Instead, it was the zone [...]

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Did You Know You Can Add Multiple Farms to the Agrilyst Platform?

Often, making a change to an application can look pretty straightforward from the outside. Without understanding the underlying structure of the application, it can be hard to realize how much functionality it touches. At Agrilyst, we recently decided to make [...]

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