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Accountability in Agriculture: Embracing the Commitment

Our agricultural sector is rapidly evolving. The last decade has brought about unprecedented changes in how we define product safety, business success, equity investment, and health & wellness. For some, change is coming too fast, and for others, not fast [...]

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AgTech Software Solutions Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Over the past 18 months I’ve had the opportunity to visit dozens of farms across the globe. It’s been remarkable to see the similarities among varying operations worldwide. It comes as no surprise that growers should share comparable pain points, [...]

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3 Regulatory Compliance Steps For Any Cannabis Grower

After a failure to meet regulatory compliance laws, Canadian cannabis giant CannTrust is now being investigated by Health Canada. The company could lose their license and their business. For cannabis growers that heed the CannTrust incident as a warning of their [...]

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Why You Can’t Afford to Run Your Farm Without a Cultivation Management Platform

Every commercial operator we’ve spoken with in the past decade has either implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software or is vetting vendors currently. ERP systems have become commonplace for any process-heavy operation and agriculture is no different. Growers have to [...]

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Happy Birthday, Agrilyst! Lessons We Learned in Year 4

This week, we’re celebrating our fourth birthday! Over the past few years, I tried to summarize and share the things I learned that year. This year I thought I’d share some lessons learned and also some of my favorite memories [...]

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How to Keep Your Customers Happy

How do you keep customers happy? It’s an age-old question, and one that businesses continuously ask themselves, answer and ask again. Today, customers are spoiled for choice; advancing technologies have expanded marketplace offerings and increased brand competition, transforming the consumer [...]

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We’re Proud to Announce Our Partnership with Scanit Technologies

Harmful pollutants in the air cause us to get sick. Pollutants impact plants too. And ultimately, when plants are unhealthy, people are affected. So managing healthy plants is key to managing healthy people. On November 28, 2018, 1428 units of [...]

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4 Ways to Design Useful and Usable AgTech

Agriculture itself was a product of humankind’s early technological innovation. Our ancestors invented tools and processes to grow food and mass produce it, essential for survival and building thriving civilizations. Now, centuries later, we are innovating methods to grow food [...]

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How the Farm Bill Impacts Greenhouse and Indoor Growers

When President Trump signed the Farm Bill last week, it was the first time that indoor farmers have been included in the act’s provisions since its birth in 1933. The Farm Bill, which will allocate $867 billion of federal money [...]

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Pouring Fuel on the Fire: Finding Your Product Market Fit

It’s no secret — finding product market fit is TOUGH for startups. You start by identifying a need, gathering feedback, testing, and iterating until you’ve commercialized your product to a point of wide adoption. We recently reached that point of [...]

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