We’re excited to introduce you to our Canadian Customer Success Manager, Deirdre Trudeau. Deirdre plays a critical role here at Artemis working closely with our customers to make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

Why did you join Artemis?

Deirdre: I simply had to jump at the opportunity to work in a field that I value and respect and at a company founded and run by a woman! It’s thrilling to work with farmers again and help to improve sustainability by optimizing process, traceability, and compliance.

What were you doing before Artemis?

Deirdre: I’ve always enjoyed being a bit of a factotum and moving around in a non-linear fashion. I studied art history, managed an organic grocery store, did freelance translation, managed a street & glass art gallery/headshop/skateshop, worked at a casting company for TV and film, handled communications at a small theatre, toured with my sketch comedy troupe, and have run a couple of Montreal comedy festivals for a number of years. Most recently I worked in Client Success Management at a flex office rental company, and thanks to the pandemic I left that dreary world and now happily find myself at Artemis.

What is your favorite memory here?

Deirdre: My first week at Artemis a few colleagues invited me to a game night that really helped to break the proverbial ice. In my opinion, sharing an evening filled with laughter and silliness is the best way to get to know other people. Remote onboarding can be rather awkward, but instead I was made to feel so welcome within my new team.

How long have you worked here?

Deirdre: Just shy of two months.

What’s your favorite core value?

Deirdre: “We value ethics in building our company and platform” is a huge one (and honestly I think this should just be a basic MO for all companies) but I’d have to say my favourite is “We default to curiosity.” To say I’m curious by nature is an understatement, so I greatly appreciate a work environment where exploration, creativity, and improvement are celebrated rather than stifled.

What’s been the weirdest adjustment from working wherever you were before to working here?

Deirdre: I don’t know if this counts as “weird” but I can’t express how much I appreciate having bosses who work on fostering an equitable, considerate, supportive work environment, who take the time to learn what could be done better and how, and who then implement those measures.

What would you recommend for potential future Artemis employees?

Deirdre: Don’t hesitate to step into your role, make it your own, and speak up with questions you have or improvements you feel could be made at any level. Artemis embraces innovation, discussion, and open respectful communication.

How do you feel about remote work?

Deirdre: The flexibility is wonderful and the environmental benefits from having a large portion of the population WFH are immeasurable, but it can be challenging to be home most of the time and maintain productivity. Artemis runs a tight ship and there are no meetings “that could have been an email” (thank goodness) but also makes space and time to connect with colleagues and get to know the people you work with.

Once things start to open up and in-person meetings and offsites are allowed again I believe it will be easier to appreciate remote work more than at present.

What are you most excited about for the Artemis future?

Deirdre: Working with our growers to help capture their processes and minimize their risk, and working with our product team to forever build new features and improve our platform!

If you had $20 what would you do with it this weekend?

Deirdre: I have a few cuttings that have rooted and need potting, so I’d probably use it to pick up a bag of soil and get my hands dirty. Or I might get distracted by the lovely spring weather we’re having in Montreal and have a picnic by the canal. Or perhaps some vintage glasses and fake moustaches might catch my eye and inspire me to write a new sketch for when I can perform in front of a real live audience again. Who knows??