We are fired up about this new feature release! I know, I know, we say this about every new feature. We just get really excited when we have the opportunity to keep expanding our core functionality in ways that make life easier for growers.

When you want to track your inputs, like seed lots or fertilizer lots, and how they’re consumed, Artemis makes things easy by adding these inputs to templates. We also do this for outputs, like plant yield or waste. This makes it really fast to trace input consumption and link it to a batch at any stage of production using FIFO/LIFO methods of inventory tracking, or even manually debiting as you go.

That’s all to say if you want track seed consumption by plants (which plants consume which volumes and lot numbers) for traceability, you set up a template to do so and every time you plant, you start debiting as you go. No need for any extra clicks or weird linking. It’s automatic.

But what if you do things without planning ahead? For example, if you need to spot spray a batch because you noticed something off, how would you go about tracking that? Now, you can consume inputs or produce outputs on an ad hoc basis to any batch. That’s why this feature is something we get really excited about! It’s now possible to record corrective additive actions in Artemis.

Another example would be introducing a new SKU midway through a cycle and needing to add product to that SKU even though it wasn’t planned. We made it really easy to add SKUs right to your templates already, but now that brand new SKU you had no idea you were going to be packing months ago when you created that template can also be packed on the day of your harvest.

This is all focused on a more flexible experience working with and tracking your inventory. On top of all this, the work we’ve done on ad hoc resources lays the groundwork for more inventory tracking, like on facility tasks. If you want to start tracking your inventory in Artemis, reach out to our sales team at sales@artemisag.com.