Artemis is designed to help growers run their operations in compliance with regulations, which can make the workflow onerous for the growing team. This is true across the board for any operation looking to achieve certain levels of compliance. For example, an operation with no food safety certifications may have a policy around hand washing for employees throughout the day. An equivalent policy on a farm with GAP or HACCP certifications will require not just a policy, but also documentation and logging of all hand washing throughout the day.

While there are certainly extra steps, we don’t believe compliance has to interfere with workflow. We are always working on ways to speed up actions and allow for tighter compliance controls with less steps. The latest feature that we’ve been working closely with our growers on is un-starting batches.

Before this update, if you made a mistake on a batch, users would have to discard a batch or call their customer success manager to help delete a batch. This is part of the old way of thinking. It forced the burden of error and documentation on the user. However, there is a tremendous benefit to getting data integrity correct from the start and this is the reasoning behind un-starting batches.

Now if a mistake is made, the user can simply un-start and re-start the batch and edit with the correct information. This allows the Artemis system to log the correction at the time of starting and means the user can correctly reflect their batch information from the beginning and reduce their time spent correcting errors.

While this may seem small, it’s a big change in the way users interact with Artemis while focusing on compliance and we’re really excited about it. Look for additional workflow and compliance related improvements in the coming weeks and months.

Big tacos (at Artemis tacos are like kudos) to Julien who led development on this!