Plant Sites is a feature that enables growers to have a more granular view of their crops in production. It allows growers to track by both a batch unit, such as gutters or rafts, as well as down on the plant level. This is valuable for the operations side of the business as they often talk in batch units. It helps bridge the gap to sales as they think in output and in this case, number of plants.

We have now added Plant Sites to more areas of the application so it’s easier than ever to see plant site quantities for crops. This means visibility into the details of each individual plant from planning all the way through harvest.

Plant site data is now in the production list and batch detail page. We also heard from users they wanted the ability to enter plant sites for partial harvests, and we’ve added that as well. Now, if you harvest based on plant sites instead of whole units, you can enter do that in Artemis. This means less manual calculation and more accurate information at every step of the way.

Tacos to Joe on Team Artemis who built this feature.