When COVID-19 began, we made the commitment to our customers that their level of support would not change regardless of the pandemic. We’re proud that we’ve been able to continue offering our customers the highest level of support throughout the pandemic and have even made some improvements that will stay with us long after things settle.

Our Client Services team is primarily focused on delivering an exceptional experience during onboarding and on ensuring high quality ongoing trainings. In the past, we would incorporate on-site visits for detailed configuration assessments and team trainings, as needed. When COVID-19 started, on-site visits were no longer an option. This didn’t stop us though!

We were at a distinct advantage as a software company. While an irrigation or lighting company might have to come on-site to troubleshoot their equipment, we are able to offer the same trainings we were offering before remotely. And in fact, we’ve actually been able to offer additional trainings because we can schedule more frequently than when relying on on-site availability. That’s proven to be a great experience for our customers.

Since COVID-19 began, highlights include:

  • rolling out entirely new features, such as Stages & Resources, Un-starting Batches, New Advanced Reporting, New Settings (announcement coming soon) and a number of smaller featurettes,
  • running remote trainings for all new features,
  • initiating the onboarding of 20 new customers and completing another 16 onboardings (series of trainings and account set up held over 8 weeks),
  • holding over 600 client trainings,
  • going live with a 10-acre herb farm that distributes product to 10 western states,
  • going live with a client who required 100% of their trainings in Spanish,
  • going live with a Canadian cannabis grower who uses Artemis for their Health Canada requirements,
  • helping a Canadian vine crop grower pass their Canada GAP audit with flying colors with all preparation done remotely,
  • launching our METRC integration in two new states, with two more in the pipeline to bring online in the near future.

It’s been incredible to see the perseverance of our growers in the past few months and to see how our team adapted to continue providing best-in-class service and support during this unprecedented time.

So, what’s the secret sauce? We caught up with Jon Schmitz, our VP of Client Services, to see how he’s been able to accomplish so much with our clients over the past few months.

“We haven’t really had to change our process too much as a result of COVID-19. While we’re no longer doing on-site visits, we’re still running the same onboarding and training programs with all the supporting training documentation. One of the things I’ve focused a lot on over the past few months is ensuring good communication and being explicit about workflow with clients. When we were able to visit the farm, we could see what’s physically happening on the farm. Now, we have to get this information verbally.

We’ve established a process to collect this information prior to set up and we’re really specific about workflow with the growers to ensure that the trainings are most relevant. I’ve also ensured our process includes standing status calls which help us stay aligned and that we’re hitting our milestones on time.

We’re at a unique advantage as a team because we have a depth of industry knowledge others don’t. We often hear from our growers that they’ve had other companies outsource their onboarding to third parties. Our team is filled with technical and growing experts who have been in our clients’ shoes. This enables us to understand the workflow, even remotely, and to ensure that our platform works for how they run their operation(s).”

We are thrilled we can continue offering phenomenal customer experiences right now. If you’re interested in learning more or if you’d like to set up a demo, you can reach out to our sales team at: sales@artemisag.com.