2020 has been an…interesting year to say the least. It hasn’t been easy on anyone. As we wrap up this year, we were able to find a few highlights we wanted to share. So, here’s a look back at 10 things we’re incredibly proud of accomplishing this year.

1. We released 500 features!

During COVID, we put our heads down and got to work. Our development process enables us to continuously release innovative new features. Disruptive software is able to both adapt to the needs of customers while also steering where the industry should move. We work hard to maintain our position as the leader of disruptive software in the indoor agriculture industry. This year, we introduced new concepts for Artemis, like stages of growth, document uploads, and inventory tracking. We also released entirely new and advanced versions of reports, settings, and template editing. We rolled out new data science applications and are releasing one more big tool related to data science before the end of the year (stay tuned!). We also improved usability and added brand new integrations, like Metrc for cannabis operators.

2. Increased users by 3.5x (so far!)

We are working with farms to drive innovation forward. To do this, we need workers from across the organization to use Artemis (we’re no longer just built for growers), and to love using Artemis. We’ve put in a lot of effort to make using Artemis a great experience whether you’re the head of cultivation, a seasonal worker, or in the sales department. This is why we’ve been able to scale the number of users using Artemis significantly each year. We’re so proud to have grown our users by over 3.5x already this year!

3. 250,000 tasks completed (so far!)

Artemis is the system of record for all of the farm’s daily tasks. Cultivation, food safety, compliance, sanitation, sales, procurement, management, and maintenance teams all benefit when data is accessible in a digital platform. Previously, workers would record this information on paper (if at all). That information was useless. It sat in notebooks, or in garbage cans, and often was never looked at again. We’ve been able to build an application that people use every day across the organization to log their work. This year alone, workers have completed over a quarter of a million tasks in Artemis.

4. Launched Inventory Management and Post-Harvest Functionality

A big win for our product team and our customers was releasing inventory tracking this year! We now allow growers to track which products are consumed by each individual batch. This makes it easier for teams to know exactly which products they have on hand and can also see how batches are effected by various inputs. We also launched post-harvest functionality, allowing teams to produce packed goods in Artemis. This is one big step for Artemis stretching further down the supply chain.  

5. Went fully remote

COVID led us to officially make the jump to a fully remote team. We were already a mostly remote team, with teammates in 10 states and three countries. But, we also had our HQ in Brooklyn. When COVID made it impossible to work out of the office, we decided to move to a 100% remote team both now and for the future. We will continue building our team remotely moving forward.

6. Hired 5 amazing new Artemesians

We welcomed 5 new teammates this year! In a year where almost all plans went out the window, we were excited to keep growing. Shoutout to Jess, Jennifer, Justin, Miranda, and Lianne who joined our engineering team this year!

7. Customers saw a 10% increase in profit and eliminated over 4,000 forms

This is something we’re incredibly proud of. We’ve worked hard to develop our software to help streamline processes across the facility, deliver valuable insights, and focus on ways to increase profitability on the farm. This year, we helped growers eliminate over 4,000 manual forms from their regular workflow. Workers are filling out 4,000 less forms each month! These changes and the automation add up. Our growers are seeing a 10% increase in profit each year. That’s about the same amount they spend on chemicals/seeds/other inputs each year.

8. Hosted the Virtual Grower Summit

Our team (like many others) usually attends conferences throughout the year and unfortunately this year, that wasn’t an option. We instead held a Virtual Grower Summit for growers to share tips on how to deal with COVID and how their businesses have changed. We heard from growers who had pivoted entirely to a direct-to-consumer model, how to build brand loyalty/trust, why growers weren’t getting the Easter bump in retail pricing this year, and much more. It is a great resource for anyone in this industry. Check out the summit via the link above, it’s free!

9. Launched with the Largest Herb Grower in the country

We went live with North Shore, the #1 herb brand in America this year. They have seen incredible growth this year, with their Potted Basil growing at 39 percent. To help manage the growth of the business, they’ve modernized and moved their systems digital with Artemis. We love working with great growers and North Shore is one of the best. We can’t wait to see how they continue to grow next year.

10. Best AgTech Startups + Implementation of the Year Award

We were incredibly honored to win the AgTech Breakthrough Implementation of the Year Award and to be recognized by Startup Pill as #11 on the list of 101 Best AgTech Startups, alongside great companies like Farmer’s Business Network and Benson Hill.

We’d love to hear about your highlights from this year too. Share this post on social and add your accomplishments! From all of us at Artemis, congratulations on getting through a tough year and we wish you a very Happy Holiday season!

If you’re interested in learning more about Artemis, please reach out to us at sales@artemisag.com. We’d love to hear from you.