Artemis Virtual Grower Summit: Adapting to Covid-19

Join us for a Virtual Grower Summit as we speak with growers and industry experts to discuss how they are adapting to COVID-19.

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Our Virtual Grower Summit will address how to adapt to COVID-19. With speakers from JAMCO/Red-Hat Cooperative, Planted Detroit, United Fresh, Artemis and more, we will dive in to discuss what social distancing means for your workforce, how to adjust operations to maintain production and how to maintain quality control in the changing market. What does COVID-19 mean for Agriculture? Join us as we tackle these questions and much more! Speakers and sessions are being continuously added. 

Topic: Food safety and crisis management

Join United Fresh’s Dr. Jennifer McEntire and Artemis CEO Allison Kopf for a Q&A session discussing the impact of COVID-19 on audits, championing science-based information, and how lessons learned in recall training can be applied to other crises, such as COVID-19.

Topic: How leading growers are shifting operations

Join Jeff Stigter, Owner of Jamco Growers and Board Member at the Red Hat Co-Operative and Wren Hayes, IT Systems Developer at Planted Detroit for a panel discussion on shifting operations to manage changing markets and labor constraints. Together, they’ll discuss what social distancing means for your workforce, how to adjust operations to maintain production and adjusting your business to meet changing demand.

Topic: How to work with vendors through a crisis

How are you utilizing remote service and support to ensure you’re still getting the support you need? Join Eric Clark from Artemis and Lisa Causarano from Schneider Electric for a Fireside chat on how to work with vendors during a crisis.

Topic: News from the Ground

Join Artemis’ Global Head of Industry, Travis Merchant as he talks with growers to discuss what they’re seeing and how COVID-19 is affecting their operations.

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Who Should Attend

Join us if you’re a grower, operator, distributor or anyone interested in learning how we, as an industry, can adapt to COVID-19. We’ll be releasing all of the videos at 10a EST on April 9th. Register today and on April 9th you will be emailed an access link to the Summit to view on or after April 9th.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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