This week for our employee spotlight series we talked with John Angerami, Sales Operations Manager at Artemis. John manages our Revenue Operations process and tech stack from beginning to end.

Why did you join Artemis?

John: I joined Artemis a little over a year ago after speaking with Artemis’ VP of Revenue, Eric Clark about an opportunity here. I met with Allison Kopf and some of the team members and was struck by the culture, built on drive and purpose.

What were you doing before Artemis?

John: Before Artemis, I was working in the alumni office at Columbia University as a Salesforce administrator.

What is your favorite memory here?

John: In March of this year, we had our first All Hands Meeting after the reality of COVID set in. As Allison spoke about our plan for the coming months, most of the questions that came in were around our customers: engineers asked how our customers were doing, sales asked what we can do to help those struggling. It was a genuine, empathetic moment that reflected Artemis’ culture.

How long have you worked here?

John: I have been with the company for just over a year now.

What’s your favorite core value?

John: “We are a team, not a family.’ Most families bring with them guilt and drama. (Joking…kind of). The atmosphere changes in a good way where team members are working together for a common goal and (to bring in another of my favorite core values) we work around a solution instead of a consensus.

What’s been the weirdest adjustment from working wherever you were before to working here?

John:  I want to say working from home. It’s definitely been an adjustment, both good and bad.

What would you recommend for potential future Artemis employees?

John: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or speak your mind. All the teams here are very receptive to different ways of approaching problems or running with new ideas.

How do you feel about remote work?

John: I was originally working out of the office in Brooklyn until we switched to being completely remote. It was definitely an adjustment at first, especially trying to create a new daily routine but with change came opportunity. Working remote has brought us closer as a company. We consciously make the effort to work close together, via texts, slack, and have more productive meetings.

What are you most excited about for the Artemis future?

John: I’m excited to see Artemis scale in 2021. We have a great leadership team with some exciting things on the horizon.

If you had $20 what would you do with it this weekend?

John: I would go to my local bookstore and pickup a weekend read.