We are always finding new ways to help our growers be more efficient throughout their production process. That’s why we’re excited to release our latest feature — Get Growing Faster!

With this new feature, growers will be able to cut the time of starting batches down by 60%! Saving time will reduce the time growers spend on documentation, allowing them to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, increasing efficiency in their production process.

This feature came was developed in partnership with several customers who said they were spending too much time initiating unplanned crop batches and being slowed down by data entry. They love our scheduled starts and wanted something similar for unplanned starts that would be complementary. We examined the entire workflow with them and identified several areas in which we were able to speed up entry.

Reducing Steps 

With our new multi-start modal, we have cut down on the required steps and significantly reduced the time it takes when starting multiple unplanned batches in the same stage. You’re now able to start numerous batches within one view, building your list of batches to start, editing discrete details on each batch, and then submitting at the end.

Less Redirecting

When starting a batch, the user is no longer redirected to the batch just started. Instead, you return to the screen where you initiated the batch, letting you start the next group of batches more quickly, or move onto the next item at hand.

Pre-filled Inputs

We now make using materials even easier by pre-filling inputs based on your facility’s preferred method. When creating any template and using materials, you can now select the method (LIFO, FIFO or manual) you’d like Artemis to use to help pre-fill those inputs on your batch. When completing the action, the corresponding inputs tab will be pre-filled with the required quantity and recommended source batch or lot. No need to type quantities and search for the correct source. The grower can now quickly check the input section to verify and move on.

Tacos to Team Artemis and our clients for developing this new feature!

If you want to learn more about our platform and how you can easily and efficiently save time in your facility, reach out to sales@artemisag.com and one of our reps will get in touch!