Since the first release in 2016, our State of Indoor Farming Reports have provided people in agriculture with invaluable industry data on the challenges and opportunities facing greenhouse and indoor farming operations. But we don’t intend to stop there.

What’s New?

This year, we’re expanding the survey and report to include even more growers from across the globe. We’ve decided to expand the scope of the survey to grow the report’s utility as a resource for our industry. Our work with enterprise growers across outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor operations has widened the scope of our influence and our knowledge.

The purpose of the new report is to examine emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities facing not only indoor growers, but all specialty crop cultivators — including cannabis and hemp.

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new iteration of the State of Indoor Farming Report: the Artemis Global Ag Report.

The report will provide insights across the industry landscape related to profitability, labor, technology, compliance, supply chain security and more. To gather that information, our survey asks questions about operations and production from each participating farm. The more robust our dataset the more comprehensive our report will be.

Why should you participate?

We love data, but we’re also in the business of compliance. In helping customers grow different crops, using different systems, in different parts of the world, we’ve come to find that the first part of any compliance solution is recognizing the problem. A grower can only implement effective SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) after evaluating the risk already facing their operations.

And we’d like to share our expertise and passion establishing traceability and accountability with you. In fact, every survey participant also has the chance to obtain an audit from our resident Regulatory Compliance Specialist. (Five participants will be awarded the opportunity after the survey closes on Oct 19th, 2019.)

In addition, our report will be made public toward the end of the year to everyone for free. This is something we’ve done since the first report back in 2016 and we don’t intend to change that.

How can you participate?

We know that agriculture is a high risk, low margin industry. We know that strategy, skill and luck can make or break a business. We want to take luck out of the equation. The tools we can provide each other don’t just come in the form of climate control hardware systems or plant traceability software.

At Artemis, we are determined to help growers build stronger businesses around actionable data. We welcome you to join us in creating a valuable record of global agriculture insights in an effort to realize a stronger, safer supply chain.

You can participate in the Artemis Global Ag Report Survey here. Submissions close Saturday, October 19th, 2019. If you’re not a grower, but a partner in the industry, please share the link with your network! The more participation we get, the better. Thank you!