A few weeks ago we launched a feature that allows users to destroy plants while moving them from one stage, or zone, to another. We’re excited to announce the followup to that feature, allowing users to destroy plants, or other units while processing, receiving or packing a batch.

How many times has your team pulled something early or left something behind longer than expected to fill a sales order? Have you destroyed plants and pulled something early to fill its slot? We’ve all done it. This leads to management thinking orders are always magically filled. But this ultimately leads to unpredictable outcomes. Every time we go off plan without logging it, there will come a point where we can’t meet a sales order.

It’s critical to log destroyed plants for exactly this reason. Previously in Artemis, you could log a destroy when you are in the batch profile page, after scanning a plant barcode, or if you scheduled a destroy action with your plant templates. But, it was a separate action. That meant destroys were often going untracked, which makes forecasting and compliance difficult, if not impossible.

Now you add your destroys right in the finish modal and Artemis will calculate exactly what remains. It’s incredibly easy to include a destroy while harvesting your plants or when you finish a non-crop batch. This makes tracking a one-stop-shop which leads to better data collection, more accurate forecasting, and accountability into your operation.

We’ve also added a new workflow for partial harvests. Before, you would enter the amount remaining and log the harvest. We’ve added a new “Quantity Pulled” field so now you simply log the total amount harvested and like with destroys, Artemis will calculate what remains in the batch. This makes it even easier to log quickly in the field. Any amount destroyed will be deducted from the total pulled.

These features are going to be rolling out to growers over the next few weeks. We’re excited to continue making it even easier to match your physical workflow with your digital workflow in Artemis. If you want to learn more about our platform and how you can get more accurate with your reporting and forecasts and streamline data capturing, reach out to sales@artemisag.com and one of our reps will get in touch!