We’re constantly hearing feedback from our customers and strive to incorporate that feedback to make the platform stronger. Our latest feature came from great feedback directly from our growers. It’s small, but mighty.

In Artemis, batch tasks are already pre-scheduled as part of a template. However, once a batch is started, you often discover there are additional tasks that need to be added to the schedule of the batch. Now, you can add tasks after a template has been started right from the batch profile page.

This new feature is really helpful for growers who notice something about a batch that requires further inspection. Let’s say you’re doing a routine inspection and spot a potential nutrient deficiency. You may want to add a task to the batch to perform another check in a day or two. Or, if action is necessary, you may want to add a task that instructs the team to complete the action.

This isn’t just helpful for quality management, it’s helpful for corrective actions generally. Any batch that requires a corrective action can now be assigned that action easily.

You can add other types of actions too, including a move, destroy, or harvest task. If there’s a production shift (let’s say the line has to shut down early or a big order needs to be packed from several different plant batches) with unplanned consequences, a batch that was previously scheduled to be harvested in one day can now have scheduled harvests over multiple days.

We’re always on the hunt for small improvements that make a big impact for growers! One of the shift supervisors we work with recently told her team, “if you know how to use Facebook, you can use Artemis!” We love hearing this type of feedback because we strive to make things that used to be very manual and difficult to do much, much easier.

If you want to learn more about our platform and how easy it is to transition to digital, reach out to sales@artemisag.com and one of our reps will get in touch!