Artemis software is designed to help growers do the job they’re so good at, even better. It’s a platform designed to augment jobs, not replace them. It’s a tool designed to help cut costs, boost revenue and widen profit margins.

We built the first true Cultivation Management Platform (CMP) to help growers manage people, plants, process and compliance. To create a virtually risk-free operation, you need access to real-time data and a bird’s eye view of your supply chain. Artemis gives you both.  

At Artemis, we believe your data should work for you. It should help you forecast yield, sales and labor resources. It should help you maintain plant traceability and task accountability for your team. It should help streamline audits and recalls. It should help you collect data faster and better. If you can measure efficiency and productivity, you can also optimize them.  

Grow with certainty. Grow with Artemis. 

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