Almost all of the growers we work with in LATAM have some contract growing components to their business. Just the other day, we were working with two growers, one in Honduras and one in Uruguay, who had both selected some partner growers to help fulfill contracts.

Managing outsourced growing is challenging. It’s hard to maintain control and accountability over the things that need to be done and the quality of the product. Operators must ensure that the third-party has the same standards that they operate with. They must also make sure the third-party is producing at high-quality rather than trying to cut corners to save money. It’s important to track progress without having to physically oversee the operation.

Giving up control shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality. Artemis solves this problem. With a Cultivation Management Platform, operators can standardize and manage the production process alongside third-party partners who can better execute the production plan. Software helps ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s similar to franchising. By setting standardized operating plans in Artemis, operators can help third-party operators understand what they’d like to achieve and third-party operators can report back with realtime visibility.

When implementing a CMP, all of the processes typically managed on a clipboard or whiteboard are instead managed digitally. This means all updates occur realtime and remotely, all relevant parties can have access from anywhere, and plans can be relayed to the right people at the right time. This ensures all standard operating procedures are executed as planned. This gives complete visibility into task completion, batch status, and reporting for every third-party location without having to visit each farm in-person as often.

Artemis enables you to empower your partners to have the tools for success and helps them provide the product you need, when you need it. Additionally, Artemis maintains a complete product log from seed to harvest, giving you traceability of all of your batches whether produced at you facility or someone else’s.  This makes quality assurance even easier and gives you realtime updates on when plants will be harvested and how much volume you can expect. This helps growers meet and exceed market needs.