High Tunnel

hoop house ∙ cold frame ∙ low tunnel  ∙ hybrid ∙ low-tech ∙ outdoor

Labor management should be an opportunity for growth, not a headache.

Ensure accountability and productivity.

Your crops face several internal and external threats from weather, to pests, to contamination, to labor and irrigation costs. We streamline workflows by pattern-matching your resources to your needs.

Leverage your farm data.

Plant traceability from seed to harvest leads to faster, data-driven decision making. Digitized paperwork and compliance records protect your facilities in case of audits and recalls. Labor and sales forecasting preserve your resources.

No more guesswork.

  • Forecast labor hour needs and cost
  • Track workflows to evaluate productivity
  • Automate routine tasks and schedules with growth cycle templates
  • Create and supervise inventory, sanitation and pre-harvest tasks
  • Scale multi-site operations with a bird’s eye view across all your facilities

The more you know,
the more you grow.

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