2021 CEA Award Winners

This year we are excited to announce the 2021 CEA Awards presented by Artemis. The past year has reaffirmed what we at Artemis have always known: not only is the Agricultural Industry essential from the grower to the grocery store, but farmers are strong and resourceful. We are taking the time to recognize those in the industry who have shown innovation, entrepreneurship and those committed to sustainability, energy efficiency and community outreach.

Congratulations to all our winners and honorable mentions!

Top Employer Award

This award honors an employer who has created a great workplace environment.


AppHarvest, Inc.

Honorable Mention


Brand Excellence Award

This award honors a brand that has dominated on store shelves recently. Brands may have a variety of products that are selling out quickly, a creative approach to shelf presence, or have incredible word of mouth purchasing power.


Dream Greens by AeroFarms

Health and Safety Award

This award honors a company or individual who has gone above and beyond to create a safe and healthy workplace and product.


Sudeshna Nambiar, Lakeside Produce

Sustainability Award

This award honors a company or individual who has focused on operating a facility based on sustainability best practices.


Legion of Bloom

Produce Person of the Year

This award honors one individual who has made an immeasurable impact.

Winner Daniel Malechuk, Kalera

Honorable Mention Hiroki Koga, Oishii

Cannabis Person of the Year Award

This award honors one individual who has made an immeasurable impact on the industry.


Wanda James, Simply Pure

Innovative New Packaging Award

This award honors innovation in packaging and highlight new packaging concepts.


Mucci Farms

Honorable Mention

Nature Fresh Farms

Innovative New Product Award

This award honors a new product launched in the past 12 months that is performing well in the market and is loved by its buyers.


Wendy’s Sandwich Leaves & Salad Blend

by Inspired Greens

Disruptor Award

This award honors one individual who has a spirit of innovation and is constantly looking to disrupt the status quo. This person may be innovative inside their company or to the industry as a whole.


Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine

Rising Star Award

This award will honor an individual with 1-3 years of experience in the CEA industry. New growers are critical to our industry. We’re recognizing those growers who are new and a contribution.


Cory Roof, Ogallala Greens

Industry Connector Award

This award honors a consultant or advisor who helps growers make the best decisions possible. Help us recognize your partners who help recommend technology, advise you on your crop plans, design your IPM strategies, and serve as a helping hand throughout the year.



Words from the Committee

“It has been inspiring to see our industry step up through the pandemic and continue innovating in every facet of the value chain. I am privileged to honor the outstanding contributors via the 2021 CEA Awards!”

– Steve Graves, VP, Business Development, Fluence